What We Are

We are a waste management company that designs, builds, operates, and maintains  customized resource recovery facilities.


Our business is to work with clients (municipal, industrial, agricultural, institutional) to upcycle waste by recovering materials close to their source.


Our mission is to implement renewable waste solutions that serve a circular economy.

Questions We Live, Design, and Innovate By
at Closed Loop Systems.

What if a business could change the way the world thinks about waste?


What if that business possessed solutions that could be implemented in a swift pragmatic format with a technology based focus?


What if that Business was focused on the  renewal of waste streams first hand?


What if that business could empower the World to thrive instead of only survive?

Who is CLS?

James Nardozzi


James’ primary background is in Civil and Site Construction. James is the President of Nardozzi Paving & Construction as well as the President of Closed Loop Systems. James has 15 years of construction experience with a focus on senior management, design and build. His area of expertise is in diversified infrastructure, waterfront projects, claims analysis, change orders, logistics, resource management and business development. In addition, James has extensive practice in the following fields: site construction, NYSDEC permitted projects, municipal street construction, bridge & culvert, utilities and commercial building construction.

Michael J. Nardozzi

Vice President

Michael has over 10 years of construction experience in various construction projects ranging in value from $1 to $10 million. Michael is Vice president of Nardozzi Paving & Construction as well as the Vice President of Closed Loop Systems. Michael’s technical skills include subcontract coordination, scheduling, value engineering, itemized cost systems, logistics, change orders, and project estimating. In addition, Michael possesses experience in diversified labor , procurement and resource management for heavy civil and commercial applications. Michael has a focus in the following fields: site construction, NYSDEC permitted projects, storm water management systems, municipal street construction, bridge & culvert, utilities and commercial building construction.

Jacob Fox

Chief Executive Officer

Primary background in organics recycling and resource recovery systems. Jacob is CEO of Closed Loop Systems and on the board of directors. Jacob has experience in NYSDEC permitting and operation of resource recovery facilities. His area of focus is the initiation, oversight, and marketing of byproducts from CLS facilities. Jacob strives to constantly innovate CLS systems to maximize resource recovery and community impact. Jacob believes in the cradle-to-cradle approach where ``waste is just something we have not figured out what to do with yet.

Zach Sarkis

Senior Project Manager

Zach has background is business management, R&D in sustainable initiatives and business leadership. As Senior Project Manager, he brings an experience driven and forward thinking vision to the Closed Loop System team. With an intimate understanding of best management practices for land use and water quality, experience in vermiculture and organics recycling - Zach bridges his understanding of policy and best practices to help create long lasting, socially and environmentally responsible projects.

John Hicks

Quality Control Manager

John comes to CLS with over 65 years of experience in the public and private sector. After his time served in the US Marine Corp, John has served in several key NY state positions. A few of his former job titles include: region 8 DEC director, Ontario county administrator and supervisor, Senior staff member for nys assembly and senate. Hicks has been working in agriculture his whole life alongside everything else, being involved in every transaction from seed to sale. John brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to CLS that will always provide a bedrock for innovation.

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